Buying or financing vs. Leasing solar

There are a lot of different options when you decide to go solar. You can buy your system outright, finance it with as little as $0 down, or lease. There are advantages to all of the options. We encourage our customers to consider the options that are better for their wallet and home value, so much so that we currently do not offer leasing options. Why? Take a look at the chart below. There is no advantage to a lease that cannot be gotten through our flexible financing options.Buy Lease or Finance solar chart

You don’t have to take our word for it. Consumer ReportsEnergy Sage, and many reputable sites have said the same. Obviously buying outright can be tough, but that is why we offer such great financing. We have flexible options, and financing that does not even go on your credit report. Get a free consultation to review your options.

You might also wonder how solar compares to other investment options. Using a case study of one of our customers, we were able to show that solar actually outperforms the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the last 20 years, and beats leases handily as well whether you buy outright or finance. owning solar vs Solar lease and stock market

*The chart above represents a real life comparison for one of our customers in Newbury Park (Thousand Oaks), CA and the lease they were offered by another company. Assumptions include electricity rates continue to increase at 4.8% annually, savings account returns of 1.05%, capital gains tax rate of 15%, average Dow return of 5.9% (avg of last 20 years). Consult your CPA regarding the 30% Federal tax credit. This is our best interpretation of available data, and best guess of future values and might not represent your savings. This is not financial advise. Please consult your CPA or finance professional.