Battery Storage Systems

Green Rev Energy offers several battery storage and backup systems that work great with grid tied or off grid solar. One of the most common questions I am asked when people are considering solar is if they lose electricity during a power outage. Without a battery system, the answer is yes. Batteries have made great strides in recent years, and we are proud to offer several options for battery backup power.

How battery backup systems work

SolarEdge StorEdge system diagram
SolarEdge’s StorEdge Inverter solution simplifies storage by eliminating a secondary inverter for the batteries. It works with both LG and Tesla Batteries.

Other advantages to battery systems

These systems can also take advantage of time of use rate structures (see here for SCE customers). by charging your batteries during off peak hours and using the batteries during on peak hours, you can garner additional savings out of your solar electric system.

Our storage solutions

We offer a plethora of storage solutions, and are certified installers for multiple battery systems. If you have a system you like we will gladly help you with it, or ask us what our current recommendations are.

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