It’s time to take charge of your energy future. We make it easy. And lucrative.

Silfab Solar panels on a flat tile roof in Simi Valley CA

Freedom from high rates and rate hikes

We can help you drastically reduce your cost of power with a solar electric system for your home or business. Get freedom from your utility’s expensive and ever increasing rates, and garner peace of mind from knowing you have locked in low cost power.

Residential 41

Solar is more affordable than ever

Now is the perfect time as the cost of solar panels have dropped dramatically but there are still federal and local incentives that offset the cost. Most of our customers see a return in five to eight years and our panels have a production guarantee for 25 years or more. With our $0 down financing options you can see a return immediately.

Warranty shields stating 20-25 year warranties

100% Peace of Mind Warranty Coverage

We Have you Covered

With our 100% peace of mind warranty coverage, you will be free to enjoy your energy savings without being concerned about something going wrong with your system. We have you covered.

Your Local Partner


We are a local family-owned business who takes pride in saving our neighbors money and headache with every solar installation we do. We founded this company because we knew we could save our customers more money than the big guys while taking greater pride in our installations and customer satisfaction. We are your local partner for solar installations.

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